Why do people choose Rolex?

Why do people choose Rolex?

Rolex has become a synonym for luxury, success, power, and money. Ask anyone in any corner of the world to name a luxury watch and the answer will almost invariably be Rolex. This is all because of the benchmark of consistent quality for over a century and a consolidated status symbol set by them over the years. From Winston Churchill toEdmond Hillary to James Bond, the Rolex has graced the wrists of numerous reputed people throughout the history. All of this comes with a price tag that might scare quite a few people off, but here is why Rolex watches are worth the price they are.


A fine timepiece is like art. The mechanical movement of Rolex that is powered by your body movement sends the message much more loudly than placing a battery in a piece of circuitry. All the things that go inside a Rolex can’t help but make you think about the utter genius that went into designing such accurate pieces of horological art. Building a Rolex requires solving an incredibly complicated math problem and then building some of the highest-precision tiny mechanical parts ever made in order to put that solution into practice. Rolex is a celebration of technology and its watch making craftsmanship is art beyond comparison.


Everyone knows Rolex. Thanks to their marketing strategy the Rolex is a universe of its own. Respected, admired and valued around the world. At the end of the day, if you sit down and think about it, they just make watches. But their timepieces have taken on a role beyond that of a mere timekeeper. Mistakenly considered very expensive and even overpriced, Rolex are actually the best value for money. Rolex watches are very competitively priced and guarantee good returns on resale if the watch is maintained properly.  Basically, there is a Rolex to suit every pocket.


Luxury products aren’t about what’s necessary or practical in a functional sense. Why would someone buy a Lamborghini when the vast majority of the time, the fastest you can legally go is 60 mph? Why would you buy a tailor-made suit when sweatpants and a sweatshirt are warmer, more comfortable, and cheaper to clean?

Humans are social animals. All of us have intense and profound social needs. We enjoy owning items that are better looking, with more quality manufacturing and more style. Everyone knows what Rolex is and everyone knows they cost a lot of money. Yes, there are some way more expensive watches out there and there are watches (automatics) that keep better time than a Rolex and there are complications that will blow your mind. Yet, Rolex is a ubiquitous choice. A normal watch tells you the time, while a Rolex tells the world your time.


People spend $5,000 on a bottle of wine that even professional wine tasters can’t differentiate from a $65 bottle. Even a $20 wine, today, would be world-class by the standard of a few decades ago. So what’s the deal in drinking wine from the same orchard as Napoleon?

The past is the most exclusive thing in the world, and it will always be scarce if one looks back far enough.

Rolexes carries a story and purpose with them. Explorers relied on these quirky, mechanical devices to estimate longitude. Railroad barons loved watches, since their business was the first one to make accurate time really matter. That’s what it’s all about: connecting with the past, and placing oneself in a high-status, victorious position. Since most of us have very rich and very poor ancestors, people take liberties in what they choose to “remember”.