Wedding Rings Antique that Are Still Fashionable

Wedding Rings Antique that Are Still Fashionable

As unique and timeless as your love, our collections of antique rings instigates from romantic period of the past. Our collection of traditional designs features rings that you will definitely love for lifetime.

The designs range from vintage to even nature inspired rings and each one is a timeless sign of commitment. These wedding rings antique are loaded with significance and they are known to be intimate pieces since early years. They are as follows:

Lover heads

These are personalized wedding rings antique where the heads of the couples to be are crafted when making the ring. If you need any personalized ring then this is the right place you are! You have to tell us what symbol you need to be on your ring and we will work it perfectly for you.

Fede rings

 These are type of rings, which have different styles and they were very popular many years ago. They have become commonly over the recent past with the interlocking hands. However, the most commonly worn is the design that has 2 hands holding a heart with a crown. You can order your today and we will deliver exactly what you have been looking for your wedding.

Posy rings

These are wedding rings intrigue that were common with their bold designs and had words inscribed on the outside of its bands. These rings have become simpler and the words inscribed are now more personalized as you desire. There are those who wish the inscriptions to be inside to keep them private. According to your preference, you may choose a plain band with the inscriptions or opt for a simple design.

Gimmel rings

These are rings that were commonly used in 17th century and they have become more complex as techniques of making them advanced. They are known to have about 2 to 3 interlocking hands. However, the hands are free from each other but, they have to remain together to make it whole. They house beautiful cut stones as well as ornate carved features, which have been highlighted with colored enamel. The symbols used in these wedding rings intrigue are red hearts, fede hands and flowers.

These wedding rings intrigue are also of different metals and according to your preferences, you can have the following:

  • Rose gold- this is popular choice among people. It is suitable for those who wish for a romantic and unique look. It is known to work well with most types of settings. It can also be combined with other metals to create a unique color setting that appeal to your artistic side.
  • White gold- it is stronger and durable and you are required to maintain it such as polishing and cleaning.
  • Platinum- this is a metal that is expensive and its rings are expensive too.
  • Yellow gold- it is a type of ring that is known to look good on any person. However, it looks stunning on darker as well as olive skin tones.


You can order your preferred design and we will make it for you. These are intrigue wedding rings that are still stunning and keep your symbol of love for the lifetime.