Ways to protect yourself from Cerebral Palsy

Ways to protect yourself from Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is a disease which most commonly develops in children affecting the development of their brain. Even the abnormal growth of the brain is also Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy restrains a person or child from being able to move their muscles. While there are so many possible reasons as to why this disease is likely to occur in a human being, but sadly there is no way doctors can cure it permanently. There are only ways to cope up with it but no way to prevent or cure it. It also causes many other problems which of course doctors can treat one by one, but not all of them are treatable. Such issues can be vision or hearing problems, learning disabilities or speech problems. This disease can be diagnosed so that it doesn’t affect habits, but a child cannot be diagnosed until he or she is 2-3 years of age.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy: –

  • Difficulty in making movements wherein the person feels challenging to run, walk or even in moving their hands.
  • One side of the body completely stops making any movement, it becomes still. One arm and one leg become difficult to take a stand or even move.
  • The serious symptoms often spotted has been a complete stoppage in the movement of muscles; neither the legs, arms move nor does the mouth or tongue. This symptom gradually leads to mental retardation.

Ways you can cope up or protect yourself from Cerebral Palsy: –

  1. During Pregnancy – Healthy Pregnancy so that the child grows up to be a healthy child with absolutely no severe conditions in his body is what every expecting mother wants. While there is no such formula that expecting parents can apply for healthy pregnancy but there are ways they must maintain such as Staying away from any infections and if you spot any germs on your skin or body immediately consult your doctor. Make regular visits to the doctor so that they can track both the baby’s and mother’s health. Make sure you take the proper vaccinations during pregnancy, and your child is vaccinated after delivery.
  2. Treatment of Jaundice – Jaundice is a prevalent health issue in the newborn babies where the skin turns yellow. It can in no time lead to something severe further making the baby prone to Cerebral Palsy if it is not treated on time. Even though Jaundice is common in children, it should be medically treated. If appropriate treatment is due, then the permanent damage of the brain is bound
  3. Prevent Head Injuries – Parents do know that it is vital to protect the head of their child as it is still under formation, so one has always to take care that their child doesn’t hit his or head too often, doesn’t fall on his head. Even adults should protect themselves against head injuries by wearing helmets while driving a motorbike and wearing a belt assigned to every car seat. An accident where there is serious head injury can often cause permanent brain damage.
  4. During Swimming – Although Swimming is a healthy exercise if your child is still learning to swim then you better pay attention to his or her moves. What if he starts to drown and that again will lead to serious health implications. Even when your baby is bathing in the bathtub where he or she hasn’t still learnt to walk, then take charge and don’t leave them even for a second.
  5. Shaking your child – You should never shake a child way too much. Many parents have this habit of playing with their tiny tots in a manner that they shake their baby way too much especially when they are still infants. Now, this can lead to Cerebral Palsy, as doctors have found Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Most importantly it is very much essential to be in therapeutic touch in the form of regular health check-ups (you can do it by using CouponHub.ca for online deals) to prevent from falling prey for the Cerebral Palsy disease. While doctors do not always find cases where Cerebral Palsy could have been avoided, but one can always choose to be precautious than turn up to be curable. So, both adults, as well as children, should take proper care of their health. As far as children are concerned their mothers need to be attentive and healthy before pregnancy as well as during the time of delivery. Adults should be more vigilant towards muscle exercises and meditation.