ValueMags : Who is your Mr. Alligator?

ValueMags is a magazine marketing and distribution agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. Although they work for magazine companies and agencies, they often also serve as advisers as to what their clients want to read about. ValueMags has realized that there is a huge momentum in the international human rights interests among global citizens. This has prompted the company to do more research about individuals that are the leaders of this movement which led the magazine marketing company to Eve Ensler. Ensler is a women’s human rights activist that has contributed to women’s rights internationally.

She, among many men and women have a hero that they look up to but for her, it was Mr. Alligator. Raised in an unsafe household, Ensler would always pray that Mr. Alligator would come save her. Only at the age of 47 did her hero save her says ValueMags The idea of Mr. Alligator saved Ensler because it gave her hope. It made her believe that there would always be someone coming or about to come. As a result, she kept her head up and understood that life would get better. Little did she know that Mr. Alligator would take 47 years to save her. Ensler’s saving grace was when Agnus (a women she helped defend her rights in Africa) open a safe house for girls and women in Kenya.

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Mr. Alligator is representative of her hard work and perseverance. Mr. Alligator would only come when she became her own vagina warrior; after her work and initiative had helped other girls and women escape what she has experienced as a kid. Happiness exists in action and giving away what you want the most. She granted freedom to many women which is what she wanted as a young girl and throughout her life.
So, who is your hero? Who is your Mr. Alligator? ValueMags wants you to share who your hero is and which human right you’ve associated them to. Share with ValueMags on their website using the link above to join the human rights discussion.