Using Clenbuterol Effectively For Losing Weight

Using Clenbuterol Effectively For Losing Weight

Endless stimulants, steroids and compounds are available in the market today. As a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiasts, you need to understand the pros and cons of each before taking the final call. If you follow the weight loss magazines and bodybuilding forums, you might have heard about a substance called Clenbuterol, also known commonly as Clen. Is it a steroid? Who should use this supplement? What kind of results can you expect? Are there any side effects? In this post, we have answered all the relevant questions.

The basics

Firstly, Clenbuterol is not a steroid like other anabolic compounds. It is basically bronchodilator, which is used often for the treatment of certain breathing problems like asthma. Clen is known to be effective for weight loss and burning fat, which is the prime reason behind its popularity in the bodybuilding community. It is more like a stimulant, which promotes fat loss, but without hampering the lean muscles. It is enormously well-liked by female celebrities for this fact. Keep in mind that you can find injectable and pill form of this stimulant, but most users rely on pills only.

Dosage and use

You will find Clen in 20 mcg tablets, but before you use, consider the dosage. It is never recommended to use this stimulant for more than six weeks at a stretch, as your body will get used to it. The simplest way to know if Clen is actually working is by checking your body temperature. It is known to cause a hike in body temperature, which leads to fat loss. After six weeks, if you see your temperature has returned to normal, you should stop taking Clen. Follow a break of few weeks before starting again. Never exceed your Clen Cycle beyond six weeks. Some users take it with other anabolic compounds such as Tren.

In terms of dosage, most women need a much lower amount of Clen as compared to men. If you are woman, you can start with a dose of two tablets per day, while men can take around 2-8 per day. The quality of the pills and the dose in each also matters. Please note that some brands have a bad name for being ineffective. You will find a lot of information online in this regard. It is possible to buy Clen online at good prices, but take your time to read the reviews from other users.