Understanding Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Today, over 30 million of men from all over the world are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED).Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive problemthat affects men’s pride.It can cause stress, embarrassment, loss of confidence and in extreme cases will lead to relationship troubles. ED is a medical condition that needs to be understood from its causes to treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition whereby it becomes hard to achieve or keepan erection. The condition is usually found in older men, 40 years and above. ED can be as a result of aging but in the modern times, even young energetic men are having trouble sustaining an erection for firm sex. Below are some of the causes of erectile dysfunction;

  • Psychological causes

The brain plays an important role in an erection.It triggers all the processes involved. When one is having some psychological issues such as stress, anxiety and low self-esteem,the brain may send messages that will interrupt the release of chemicals involved in sexual processes and may inhibit the flow of blood to the penis leading to erectile disorder.

  • Physical causes

Physical conditions like as medications such as antidepressants and surgeries can also lead to ED. For these typesof causes, it may be possible to have an erection on demand with the assistance of medicated drugs or devices. Other physical conditions include; high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure,injury affecting the pelvic, clogged blood vessels, obesity and diabetes. Physical causes are the common causes of erectile dysfunction but they coexist with psychologicalcauses.

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  • Risk factors

Besides the above causes, there are some factors such asuse of tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, traumatic causes and having heart conditions that will prevent an erection.

 As sensitive as it is, it is important to see a specialist if ED occurs frequently since it may be a sign of a more serious condition.Embarrassment only makes the condition worse.

There are some treatments that can help solve erectile dysfunction. The first thing, however, is to accept that the problem exists and then seek medical advice. The treatments include;

  • Drug treatments

Drugs such as Kamagra andphosphodiesterase-5(PDE-5) can be used. The pills contain sildenafil which is found in generic Viagra.Other viable options are Cialis and Levitra.

  • Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment should be the lastchoice if none of the non-invasive treatments are working. The treatment involves penile implants and vascular surgery. The recovery period after a surgery varies.Surgicaltreatmentsare however 100% successful.

  • Use of vacuum devices

Vacuum devices work by using vacuum pumps and accompanying band to draw blood to the penisand produce an erection.

Erectile dysfunction has contributed to broken relationships and a miserable life in men.It is important to take note of the causes and treatments of the condition. If affected, do not let it ruin your life, be confident and seek medical assistance.