The jacket, a very versatile piece

The jacket, a very versatile piece

As we have become civilized, the human being has always been in search of tools, in all areas, to make life easier and more comfortable. A very important aspect is the clothing because it has been continuously sought to be sheltered and protected from the inclemency of the weather. In addition, to be an exclusive attribute of the human race from remote times.

One of the essential pieces to be well dressed is the mens jackets. This part of the outfit is very useful to complement our wardrobe. Having one in the closet is essential to see ourselves well. This piece has been known since the year 1600 and since then it has been modified to become the current jacket.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the designers, has undergone great changes but retaining its function to protect the arms and upper body. They have influenced details in its manufacture, like the weather since its design must be adapted to the season of the year; For example, countries with very strong winters should be manufactured with waterproof and cold-resistant materials and include pockets and hoods that provide more protection. If, on the contrary, the environment is warm or hot, they should be made with soft fabrics to give freshness to the person.

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The shape of the jacket has also varied over time, it has included pockets, different types of neck, presenting different sizes, according to the taste of each person. The most used materials are leather, cotton, linen, and denim.

In “883 Police” we have strived to make the jackets the ideal complement to achieve a casual style, but with class. Our wide experience in the way of fashion has led us to make jackets with materials of unquestionable quality, which give the customer the satisfaction of buying a piece adapted to the new times, which combines everything and the most colorful details.

Our padded models of the Marco Navy Gilet collection, Guido Navy Regular Fit, Turin Pearl, Gold Black and Duck Down, special for winter, are lined in different types of skins, to give more shelter and comfort. Also, they have side pockets for comfort, sleeves and collars can be removed and put, as they are joined by closures, giving the versatility to be used in summer and winter.

If you are in a warmer climate and want to be well dressed, you can choose between Arvin Charcoal, Arvin Jet, Werth models, which will give you elegance and distinction for its classic cut. For those who are more adventurous and informal are the collections Nord, Jorge, Orco Mid, forming the classic denim jacket with metal buttons and small pockets, which combines with the cowboy style.

Santi Jet Black and Walid Black Sweatshirt models fit any occasion and style, can be used with a good pair of our best jeans and feel confident to be up to the compromise that comes.

To learn more visit the page, there you will find the jacket you need to be well presented at any event, having the facility to make the purchase from home and for 24 hours a day, with the guarantee of delivery in a maximum of 7 days.