The best footwear for men for a stylish look

The best footwear for men for a stylish look

Shoes mean a lot to the English men in particular. The selection of shoes is taken to be a serious affair, as the personality of an Englishman is judged by the type of shoes he wears and the shine of the shoes. This tradition and culture of stressing a lot of importance to shoes was taken by the Englishmen to their colonies to all parts of the world. Thus, the shoes are given so much importance in the entire world. You can have the best pair of casual wear from the, the perfect destination for quality pair of shoes.

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Types of casual footwear for men

Saddle shoes: These are the formal oxford shoes with a difference. The shoes have the layer of leather over the instep with a different color giving the distinctive casual look to the shoes. This different leather strip attached with the shoe gives the shoe a stylish look. These shoes could be worn with the formal wear as well as informal wear.

Boat shoes or the top siders: These shoes as the name suggests are specially designed to be worn out on the deck of the boat. The sole of the shoes is specially designed to prevent slipping on the boat. These shoes are generally worn without the socks but now people wear the shoes with the formal pair of clothing and with socks.  These shoes are available in variety of colors and come in moccasin style and can be worn in the summers only.

Leather laced- heavy sole: These shoes are made up of large rubber soles and their heavy appearance which makes them fit for the category of casual wear shoes. These shoes do not earn their place in the league of quality pair of shoes, as they are made from inferior material and they are not considered to be quality shoes as they are being outsourced to china for manufacturing. Thus, the quality of the shoes cannot be guaranteed and the only quality of the shoes is their capacity to bear the atrocities of rough weather. If you are thinking of buying this shoe for this quality of the shoes then you can invest your money in boots also.

Canvas shoes: These pair of sneakers is the best pair of shoes to be worn in and outside the gymnasium. These shoes come in large variety and colors. These are the best footwear to be worn with shorts, chinos and jeans in the summer or on the beach during the vacations. The upper is made up of canvas and provide perfect breathing space to shoes and thus makes the wearing of shoes a pleasant experience in summers.

Leather loafer: These slip on leather loafers are build from the heavy rubber soles and comfortable upper to provide utmost comfort to the owner at a reasonable price. These pair of shoes provide utmost comfort and it was created to fill the gap between the canvas and the formal leather shoes which provides the most comfortable experience of wearing the shoes. These shoes form an important member of casual and comfortable pair of shoes.

Sandals: they offer protection to the feet and provide the free passage of air on the upper portion of the sandals. You can not want anything more in the summer weather when the weather is trying to test the patience.

Athletic shoes: This pair of shoes is used for the purpose of running, playing the sports especially lawn tennis, and is fondly nick named as tennis shoes. These shoes are comfortable and make a good grip while running and the upper provides the breathing space to the feet. Thus wearing the shoes for hours together does not make the wearing of shoes a tiring activity for you.

Types of boots

Work boots: The worker who works on a hectic schedule on the construction site knows the importance of quality shoes and the difference between the quality working boots and the inferior working boots. The quality working boots perform their first innings with pride. When the soles are gone then it can be changed with the upper still going strong after four to five years of hectic services  and prepared to serve for another five years. The inferior shoes could not bear the tough working conditions of the construction site and bid good bye to the user. The quality of the upper used is so inferring in nature that the only thing which could be done with the shoes is to dispose of the shoe.

Hiking boots : The hiking boots should have special qualities to be called hiking shoes .They should be designed to support the ankles and provide cushion to the feet and protect from the extremities of the weather and still it should not be heavy enough to be a burden on the feet. If the shoe which you have fulfills all these qualities then only you can call the shoes as hiking shoes.

Western boots: These boots are meant for the person who loves to go for horse riding. These shoes protect the person from the rough and the bumping riding on the terrains. They require proper care.  If you are able to take care of these boots then these shoes can pair with you till the time your horse last. You can wear these shoes even when you are not riding the horse. You only need to carry for the shoes with elegance and confidence.

Dress boots: These shoes are made and worn for style and not to perform the function. These shoes are meant to perform the task of hiking and working. There are many types of dress boots made by the different manufacturers. These shoes are known more for their style and fashion than for performing on hiking but one thing is for sure that the quality of the shoes is not compromised to give the best pair of shoes to you. Once you select these shoes, you will never regret your decision of buying the dress shoes.