Peace Love World: The Brand Inspired from Love

Peace Love World: The Brand Inspired from Love

Any brand that truly talks about the people today is Peace Love World. The brand was founded by Alina Villasante in 2009 who left her aviation business in 2007. Being inspired by the people after travelling all across the world, Alina started this brand dedicating it to the people. While travelling she witnessed that all the people from all over the world demanded one thing and that was love, peace and happiness.

A Unique Brand that has Message for the People:

Being deeply motivated with her cause, Alina turned her dreams into reality when she started her brand in 2009. Before starting, she sold her aviation business in 2007. With the passing of gradual time, her business expanded and her stores started to expand rapidly. Presently the brand is present in nearly 2000 boutiques. What makes this brand unique is that every of the product that it offers has a unique message inscribed on it. These messages are personally designed and created by the founder Alina Villasante.

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The Brand Peace Love World offers fabric products and accessories for its users. The brand is also associated with major other brands like the Kardashians, Coca Cola and their likes. Products produced are of high quality and are especially customized for targeted people to ensure comfort and ease.

A Special Initiative Touching Million Hearts:

The initiative by the founder was based on her core belief of giving back to the society. The brand has done a good number of charities. The brand offers its products to Kids, Women and Men. Some of the products are especially picked up by Alina. Apart from the few known brands associated, there are many more celebrities that are seen Peace Love World Apparel. Some of them are: Taylor Shift, Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Garner, Steven Tyler and Kim Kardashian.

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