Macbeth Summary by ValueMags: Interviewing for Concision

Macbeth Summary by ValueMags: Interviewing for Concision

As a marketing and distribution company, ValueMags knows that it is important to be able to get their point across quickly. One of the many exercises they make their employees do is to be able to summarize a story. Summarizing a story is an evident way for individuals to prove their concision skills. One story that ValueMags uses when they are hiring a lot is the story of Macbeth by Shakespeare. The marketing agency for magazines will make their interviewees do multiple summaries to understand if they are effective at getting to the point of not. Here is sample of their concision exercise:

One line: Macbeth goes mad trying to take over a kingdom he is not ere to.

One paragraph: Macbeth is confronted by witches which tell him that he will become king. Understanding that he is not the ere, Macbeth is convinced by his wife to kill King Duncan. His son Malcolm flees fearing for his life as well. However, his guilt and friend’s suspicion leads to a battle for the kingdom. He is killed in battle.

These are simple exercises that ValueMags suggests all marketing agencies use in their interview. The interview process is one of the most critical parts of a company. Hiring an individuals that cannot get the point in contracts and work amy cost the agency a contract, their job, and money in the process. There are many tests available for human resources to run while they are interviewing. ValueMags thinks it is essential to use that information and leverage to build the best team. For more information about ValueMags, contact them using the link provided above.