Living with Kidney Failure: How Crowdfunding Can Lessen the Burden

Living with Kidney Failure: How Crowdfunding Can Lessen the Burden

When an individual is diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, it means they will be learning to live with it and keeping it under control. Stage 4 kidney disease happens when your kidneys fail to do over 80% of their functions. These include regulating hormones, filtering blood, balancing body fluids, and making red blood cells. A high blood pressure, lack of appropriate nutrition, heart problems, the onset of nearly any other kind of condition can pose a serious risk to your kidneys. This means that a patient needs to be extremely careful and aware of the risks that threaten their health and learn to work around them.

How is crowdfunding helping kidney failure patients?

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Syed Abdul is one such patient from Hyderabad, India. Hailing from a low income family, Syed has not been able to work for months due to his condition. Unable to afford dialysis, medication and other medical bills on his wife’s income alone, Syed has turned to crowdfunding with Impact Guru, an India-based platform.

Medical crowdfunding is a flourishing industry in India and the west today. It poses as one of the least stressful or difficult methods of funding your medication, surgical procedures, post-operative care and consultation charges. Patients’ families can begin crowdfunding for free right from home on a user-friendly platform (even for first-time crowdfunders and donors) like Impact Guru. For a country like India, where any given underprivileged man or woman needs to save for weeks to be able to afford a single visit to a local clinic, medical crowdfunding is a blessing. Thousands of underprivileged and low income families have been able to raise the funds they need to save the lives of their sick loved ones through top crowdfunding platforms.

If Syed goes longer without being able to afford quality medical care, his condition could deteriorate rapidly to a point where even a kidney transplant may be too late. Support his road to recovery so he can go back home healthy to his wife and young children.

Do you know a friend, a loved one or a colleague who is struggling to afford a medical procedure? Don’t hesitate; join the millions of other patients raising funds today. Start a fundraiser with a medical crowdfunding platform and save a life.