Let your Body Speak with the Latest Piercing Art

Let your Body Speak with the Latest Piercing Art

Expressing one’s identity through tattoos and piercings in the body has become a rising trend nowadays. Such practices have turned out to be the latest fashion craze. This type of body art and piercing existed in this world for over thousands of years. In the olden days, such trends served as good luck charms, declarations of love, status symbols, and signs of religious beliefs, beautifications and sometimes even forms of punishment. With time tattoos and piercings became something very common amongst teenagers and the young adults, but eventually people of almost all ages have started experimenting.

The background of piercing

Piercing tongue and lips were a part of the ancient culture in Africa, piercing ears and nose could be seen in Israel and piercing nipples in Rome. The tradition of inserting sharp objects in the body dates back to about 5,000 years ago. In the ancient times, it could signify multiple things like a mark of prostitution, gold or silver piercing indicated wife of a wealthy husband also sometimes piercing was done so that demons wouldn’t get into your brain. The different types of body piercing since ancient times are as follows:

  • The Pearl Earring piercing – It dates back to1500s to1800s when hairstyles exposing the ears started getting popular making the ornamentation of the ears visible.
  • The Roaring piercing of 1920s – In this period, piercingbecame out of fashion.
  • The punk piercing (1970s – 1980s)–The trend of piercing came back to fashion when hippies started returning from India to the US. Then it was a symbol of rebellion.
  • The Spring Break Piercing (mid 1990s to early 2000s)-The craze took the form of a fashion statement again when Christy Turlington stepped into the public form in 1993 with a belly button piercing.
  • The It-girl piercing (2013 onwards) –This presenttrend is catching up like fire amongst the current generation,be it in a permanent or semi-permanent form.

Checkout online

If you have decided to get it done through some reputed brand, then you can check out the details on their website andthat will give you a clear idea about the location of their stores and the details about the piercers. Some of the different types of piercings that you can get done are lip, tongue, rook, septum, oral frenum, eyebrow, navel, nipple, cheek-dimple etc. Such websites also sell a variety of piercing jewelry, which you can easily order online.


Primarily, your body piercing jewelry should be properly disinfected and cleaned before you put them on.This step is very vital to speed up the healing process and minimize the chancesof infection. Basically, the exact aftercare variesbased on the type of piercing you get done so here an overall general idea is given on the aftercare process for piercings. One of the vital points is to keep your piercing area clean and free of any kind of infections. Usually, some common aftercare tips are given by the professionals from where you get your piercing done. If any irritation occurs, get back to the piercers immediately for necessary suggestions.