Is It True That Frank Zane Consumed Steroids

Is It True That Frank Zane Consumed Steroids

Frank Zane has been honored with the title of Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition 3 times in his career. During the time when he was at its peak, no one had the potential to beat his records. He was irreplaceable. Frank changed the way this sport was viewed in early days from the bulk muscled look to a balanced and an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped physique with broad shoulders and a narrow waistline. Many people assumed consumption of steroids behind his huge accomplishment and accolades.

About Frank Zane

Frank Zane has been inspiration and motivation to many of the aspiring bodybuilders throughout the world. He is regarded as the most muscular and aesthetic physique of all times.

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Did Zane consume steroid to realize his fitness goals?

People started talking ill about Frank Zane about his consumption of steroids that has led him to achieve fame and success illegally. It is very important to get complete knowledge before arriving at a conclusion. He has used a mild form of legal steroids to gain performance enhancement benefits.

In earlier days, consumption of steroids was considered to be purely legal. It was quite common at that time and also there was no stigma attached to it. Zane consumed T4 thyroid hormone supplements for the shedding of excess fat from his body. Along with this he also consumed bone marrow and egg protein powder to get a chiseled physique.

Following are the steroids that have been consumed by him over an eight-week cycle:

  • Weeks 1st to 8th Primobolan was consumed 100 mg everyday
  • Weeks 1st and 2nd Dianabol was consumed 50 mg everyday

How was the workout of Frank Zane designed?

Focused and regular workout along with the right diet and supplements is an icing on the cake. It makes one’s progress towards their fitness goals fast and effective. The workout regime of Zane was designed by reputed fitness trainers that included cardio, and weight training sessions that focused on all major and minor muscles of the body. His workout included short but intense sets of muscle building weight lifting sessions that were followed by isolating the repetitions to target specific muscle groups.


Frank Jane has been a legendary bodybuilder who has not just gained success but also assists in preparing others to compete for bodybuilding competitions. Without violating any rules and regulations, he adopted a disciplined approach towards reaching unprecedented levels of success.