Hair Transplant has a Permanent Effect if Perform by the Expert

Hair Transplant has a Permanent Effect if Perform by the Expert

No hair on the scalp is a situation of a great disturbing factor if you are in between of your teenagers or in a stage of attaining the maturity after the age of 25 or above the age of 40s’. All these stages of life need a prime attention towards building the career, relationship, or personality as the good look is associated with your self-esteem demand and a prime factor in your success. Having the head full of hair on your scalp increases your smartness, beauty as well as maintains the youthfulness towards improving the self-esteem needs, which is a prerequisite for getting the success in every aspect of human life.

If you are facing the hair loss problem and it is your genetic effect, i.e., Androgenic alopecia, there is a need to get over the problem permanently if you have attained the maturity age of 25s’ because the hair transplant procedure below this age is not recommended by the expert cosmetic & hair transplant Surgeon.

It is important to undergo for the hair transplant procedure after the age of 25’s due to the following reasons:

Donor Area should be Stable

The donor area is not properly stable in such a teens age as it needs time and age to maintain as a stable area of the scalp. It is important to have a stable and strong donor portion to attain the desired number of hair follicles to cover the particular grade of baldness. The role of hair follicles in the hair transplant procedure cannot be ignored and to achieve the aesthetic result, it is mandatory to utilize the donor area’s hair very carefully and wisely. However, there must be enough hair follicles in the same portion to fulfill the further seating of the restoration procedure in the future, if required!

Susceptibility of the Future Hair Loss

There is always the suspicion regarding the future hair loss if the procedure is performed in the teen ages below the 25-years of the patient. If you are a candidate of the Androgenic alopecia, then there will be a continuous ongoing procedure of the hair recession as well as the losing from all over the unsafe area and so it is advisable to undergo the procedure after the age of 25 in order to achieve the utmost aesthetic effect of e procedure.

Always use a Suitable Technique

It is always advisable by the expert hair transplants Surgeon to use the suitable technique for the procedure in order to get the long lasting results. The two main scientific proven techniques, namely, the FUT and the FUE are applicable in the world of hair transplant surgery and both these techniques have a goal to harvest the hair roots, but it is up to the Surgeons that which particular technique they are going to opt in order to give the desired result of the implantation. The choosing of technique in the restoration procedure is one of the aesthetic decisions by the Surgeon and requires the skills, experience and expertise. It has proven that the FUT (Follicular unit transplant) is the wisest decision in order to harvest a greater number of grafts to cover the highest grade of baldness.

The Cost of Hair Transplant

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is a modest and affordable option in India with the basic as well as the standard benefits of the world-class Surgeon and the American standard parameters of hygiene and care. The cost is just one-fourth in India as compared to the cost of the procedure applicable in the USA, UK and Europe. The cost is budget conscious and in favor general people and that is why the Pink City, Jaipur becomes the global destination for the hair restoration procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the cosmetic procedure of hair transplant must be taken with the expert hair transplant Surgeon in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Only an expert hair transplant Surgeon can tell you about the feasible technique to harvest the hair follicles, which ultimately decides the success of the procedure.