Grass Fed Beef Jerky Is Worthy in Comparison to Corn Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef Jerky Is Worthy in Comparison to Corn Fed Beef

From business point of view, grass fed beef cost is higher than corn fed beef because of its high and healthy quality.

Healthy fat

Grass fed cattle roam on pastures and gets their exercise. It means they are leaner meat source. In addition, the meat cut consists healthy fat crucial for biological functions in your body.

Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

When cows roam around the pastures eating natural grasses they process nutrients, which humans cannot digest. Vitamin A is available in pigments of natural grasses and not in corn grains feed.

Omega 3 intake is required and prevails three times more in grass fed beef. If you replace high caloric grass-fed beef with nutrient sparse corn feed then you can miss out valuable nutrients cow harness through natural grazing practice and complex digestive process.

Remember to buy original grass fed natural beef from Australia. You will find significant difference in prices when compared to other outlets. Therefore, stock your cart and enjoy the benefits of grass fed beef product.

Grass-fed beef demand is rising

Consumers are getting more aware about what they put in their mouth. Therefore, their demand for better beef quality and better conditions of animals, which supply their families with food, is escalating.

Cows kept on corn-based meals survive in dismal conditions. They are confined in small feeding areas. The main aim of feeding cows corn is to fatten them faster. Their feed even includes antibiotics. Today, people live in a polluted world, so why add corn fed beef on your dinner table.

With consumers making humane and health conscious decisions the small farmers, who were ignored are back in business. Grass fed beef cost is high because farmers need to shell out for pasture.

Bottom line is that the best grass fed beef jerky demonstrates worthiness of life for human and animal, whereas corn-fed beef jerky aims at earning profit.