Foods Containing Biotin and Zinc for Faster Hair Growth

Foods Containing Biotin and Zinc for Faster Hair Growth

Your body needs nutrients to stay fit and function efficiently! Just like your body, your hair needs to be fed with vitamin, protein and other nutrient-rich foods to improve their strength and health. The amount of nutrients you take daily depends on your lifestyle, food habits and choices. Many people are under the impression that they don’t need to worry about health of hair as they have good eating habits. Well, you need to understand that you cannot take your diet for granted. You may have to modify your diet to include essential foods for your tresses.

For healthy and long locks, one of the most essential nutrients is biotin. Being a water soluble vitamin, there are chances that you are not consuming sufficient vitamin B7 in your diet. It is important to plan your diet in a way that includes Biotin rich foods and other essential nutrients like zinc.

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Importance of Biotin

Before you proceed on information of Biotin supplements or rich foods, you need to know why this nutrient is essential for hair growth and fighting loss. Due to immense benefits of biotin for your hair, it is also known as Vitamin H.

Benefits of biotin for hair include:

  • It helps treat weak hair and nails.
  • Biotin helps in fighting splitting, thinning and brittle locks.
  • It treats scalp related problems.
  • It reduces hair loss and shedding.
  • It helps make hair stronger and thicker.

As this essential nutrient takes part in important metabolic activities of the body, you need to have it in right balance. Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp, so make sure you have the right supplements.

Importance of Zinc

Zinc is one of the most essential minerals for healthy tresses, nails and skin. With a good zinc supplement, you will be able to supply good amount of mineral to your body. It is an integral part of the regime to keep your tresses healthy and strong.

Benefits of Zinc for your hair includes –

  • It promotes production of cells and repairs broken tissues.
  • It strengthens hair follicles, thus reducing hair breakage.
  • It brings life to brittle, weak, lifeless hair.
  • It helps to keep hormones regulated thus reducing hair loss due to hormone imbalance.

Biotin and Zinc Rich Food Items

Now that you know the importance of biotin and zinc for hair growth, the next question is where do we find these nutrients? Eating well is essential; consume biotin supplements or vitamin B7 and zinc rich food in your regular diet. Here are foods containing zinc and Vitamin B7 to help you maintain healthy tresses and grow them

  • Oysters – If you need zinc in plenty, oysters are just the seafood you need. By consuming oysters, you can regulate your zinc level and help in the production of androgens. It is also a high source of protein and binds proteins to hair follicles. You need to plan your diet to include oysters, wheat germ, liver, crab, lean beef and more. Along with oysters, meat is also a good source of this essential nutrient.
  • Beans – Legumes and beans are great source of zinc. It includes chick peas, kidney beans and other legumes. So, now you have a valid reason to include your favorite hummus to your meals. Beans also have some content of Vitamin B7.
  • Sesame Seeds – Sesame seeds have a lot of health benefits and their zinc content is surely one of them. 100gm of sesame seeds give around 7.8 milligrams of zinc to the body. It also helps in balancing hormones as imbalance of hormones also causes hair loss.
  • Nuts – Almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts are rich in zinc. Almonds are also rich in Vitamin B7, Vitamin E, magnesium and more. Consuming almonds daily can reduce the risk of Vitamin B7 deficiency. You can also include peanuts in your diet. They make the healthiest snack and can be eaten anytime.
  • Dairy Products – One of the most enriching sources of zinc is dairy products. You can add milk, yoghurt, butters, cheese and other products in your diet. They are also rich sources of vitamin B7. If you are looking for a non-meat based source of zinc and vitamin B7, dairy products is what you need.

Don’t worry about thinning hair! Keeping your locks healthy and strong needs to come from within! Eat healthy and stay healthy!