Deca Winstrol Testosterone cycle and its uses

Deca Winstrol Testosterone cycle and its uses


Decadurabolin is a legal, safe and most popular steroidamongst bodybuilders of all time.It helps in strength gain and in increasing power output. It also effects on workout recovery, joint pains, protein synthesis and muscle gains. It is also used as a cutting stack.Anabolic androgenic steroids or a combinationof them like, DecaWinstrol stack provides severalbenefits to users. But before combining anabolic androgenic steroid, one should know the reliability of each and how to use one to achieve desired goals. Users should also be aware of the side effects it can cause. Deca Winstrol testosterone cycle together work better in cutting stacks and building lean muscle mass.

Decadurabolin and Winstrol

Decadurabolin and Winstrol are two different anabolic androgenic steroids.Deca(Decadurabolin) is most commonly known as NandraloneDecanoate in bodybuilding circles.Winstrol is most commonly known as Winnie as it is an animal grade steroid. Deca winstrol testosterone cycle can provide physical benefits to bodybuilders by increasingtestosteronelevels, enhancing protein synthesis, increasing muscle mass growth and in boosting red blood cells synthesis. Apart from physical benefits some psychologicalbenefits like self-confidence, self-esteem and improved body appearance are also provided with the use of such steroids.

Differences between Deca and Winstrol

Deca is an injectable steroid given in 50 mg per millilitre doses whereas Winstrol is an oralsteroid or in injection form. Injectable Winstrol (stanozolol) is known as Winstrol Depot.Deca is rated as 125/37 as its anabolic/androgenic properties. As a testosterone,it is rated as 100/100.Whereas Winstrol, being a bit stronger is rated as 320/37 as its anabolic/androgenic properties. Because of its higher ratio of anabolism toandrogenic developing properties these two steroids can combine well.

Expectations of DecaWinstrol stack

Creating a DecaWinstrol stack is a matter of preference and goal of individual bodybuilder. But before combining steroids one should compare the medical dosage recommendations to the dosage recommended by the bodybuilders. It is important to do so because of the adverse reactions and potential side effects caused by anabolic androgenic steroids. In the US, it is classified as Schedule III controlled substances because of its overuse, misuse and abuse.

Dosages of DecaWinstrol stack

Bodybuilders on an average take 25mg to 50mg oral Winstrol daily. Deca injections range from 200 mg a week to 600 mg a week.When combinedDeca/Winstrol milligram, strength and frequency of dosage differs for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. When used in higher than medical recommended dosage, the risks of side effects of both the steroids increases.

Decadurabolin and Winstrol side effects

The potential and general side effects ofindividual or combining anabolic androgenic steroids should be kept in mind before creating a Deca/Winstrol stack.Women when using Deca or Winstrol(stanozolol) combinations or alone may come up with development of male characteristics which include growth of hair on body and face, enlarged clitoris, menstrualirregularities,cessation of menstruation, changes in skin condition, texture and clarity.Other side effects of DecaWinstrol usage are like headaches, nausea, sleep disorder, gynaecomastia, priapism and testicular atrophy.