Accessories one can’t live without

Accessories one can’t live without

A great dress won’t be able to get you the look you have in mind. You know why? Because it lacks the power that accessories add to clothes. Today in this post we will teach you how to turn your ordinary clothes into something extraordinary and extravagant. Your everyday outfit can turn into something different with the splash of some accessories to add some theme and texture to it. So, never miss out on accessories to pack that look you crave.


A bag that serves the purpose of storing your essentials can do so much more now. It can be a style statement for ladies. An oversized handbag, a sling bag, a clutch, a tote, a Boho style one. Pick whatever you fancy in any material and style a bag will never fail you.

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A girl’s best friend can be so many more things than just diamonds. Let, us introduce you to a world where you’ll rock with a few basic pair of shoes that you need in your collection.

  • The first pair that you need here is a pair of stilettos. It can be in black/red/printed or in neutral shades. You can even go the extra mile and bag one from each shade always to be ready.
  • The next pair is wedges. Another kind of heels but that won’t make you tumble as much. You can go for the espadrilles that will give you the chic and sassy look.
  • Next in line is Oxfords. The perfect blend of masculinity that a woman can opt for. Soothing your ankles from the stress of high heels, a woman needs to have a pair of these.
  • Sneakers. They go with every outfit and keep your feet happy and give you a casual look.
  • Flats. They come in different designs.  Laced up, gladiator style, decorative and so many other kinds. Bag the one you love, and that goes with your summer dresses, skirts and shorts.
  • Boots. You can’t miss these out. A pair of boots in tan/suede/leather/black.
  • Ballerinas. The ones that have a pointed front. They come in every colour and prints. Have a minimum of three pairs. One in neutral, one in bold and the last one in leopard print.


A statement ring, or a bold neckpiece, a pair of dangling earrings or just simple everyday wear studs, bracelets or pendants. Make sure you maintain the balance with jewellery and never overdo it. Balance is the key. If you are in the mood to put on your necklace that has beautiful turquoise gemstones embedded on it. Make sure the rest of your jewellery is minimal. A pair of studs for example. Maintain the balance of moderation is the key.


A scarf in your wardrobe is the most versatile item. It can turn any outfit with its animal, geometrical or floral prints into something mesmerising to look at. You can never go wrong if you have a scarf to style your clothes.


They do more than just holding your clothes in the right place. A belt will go great with your outfits. A brown, black or decorative belt in slim/broad bands with buckles that are extravagant or simple. Belts help to add some structure to not only your outfits but your figure too. They give you that desirable hourglass look by tucking your tummy inside.


A beautiful watch that gives you the sassy and charming look. It will go great with your work clothes, party dress or casual attire. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on watches. Buy one watch that is oversized for the are in trend now. A metal or leather band both are desirable and fashionable.  We have been a fan of voucher bucket and personally would ask you to check it out for voucherbucket rocks.


Those were the days in the past when a sunglass would protect your eyes only for they do much more than that now. They are the perfect way to accessorise your outfit. Aviators, oversized, cat-eyed, glass, wayfarer and so many more. Apart from their varied shapes, they come in different colours and prints.

These are the basic accessories a woman must have in her wardrobe for there is no alternative to them. Want to you look good, right? Pair it with the right accessories every day. We didn’t add an essential accessory in the above article, and that is confidence. Carry yourself in whatever you wear with pride and confidence for there is nothing better than that.