8 Performnaces Of Kate Winslet That You Definitely Wont Forget

8 Performnaces Of Kate Winslet That You Definitely Wont Forget

If you have seen Titanic, then you know who Kate Winslet is.Kate Winslet, with her killer debut in Titanic and her innocently-seductive Victorian Era gimmicks in the movie, promptly became a worldwide icon of unblemished beauty and an absolute heartthrob of billions. However, it would be naive to look upon this beauty without possessing the rightful appreciation in our eyes, for her several other critically acclaimed performances that fall nothing short of cinematic brilliance. By featuring in plenty of movies similar to Robert Simonds Indie collection, Kate, over the years have entertained her dedicated followers with remarkably well performed characters.

So, as a tribute to the wonderful and talented lady, here I am with some of the most amazing performances of Kate Winslet.

  1. Heavenly Creatures

A part that she got when she was just a 19-year-old, Heavenly Creatures saw her playing the role of a murderous teen who with her best friendcreates havoc in the area where they live. Although many girls auditioned for the role, it was the amazing performance of Kate Winslet that got her the part. And My God, did she shine in that one.

  1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

If you have seen the movie then you are a true fan of Kate Winslet. Don’t you just love her multiple colors of hair in the movie? Sometimes blue, sometimes orange. She manages to steal our hearts away with her role of Clementine in the movie. You can’t blame the character of Jim Carrey for falling in love with her two times in the movie.

  1. The Holiday

Even with such a stellar cast which includes British actor Jude Law and American Beauty Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet manages to steal the show with her performance. The Holiday is one of my favorite New Years movies. And quite deservingly so as Kate Winslet is absolutely exceptional in it.

  1. Sense And Sensibility

If anyone can bring the character of Margaret in the Jane Austen book Sense and Sensibility, Kat Winslet proved that it would be her. With her talented and charming British ways, she captured all our hearts with her stark portrayal of the character of a headstrong girl who would do anything for love.

  1. The Reader

If there is anything that we learned after seeing the reader, then it is that Kate Winslet is a star, no matter what role she plays. Her perfect German accent was the best part of the movie, other than herself. We surely wish she did more movies like that.

  1. Iris

Sharing her screen space with Judy Dench, Kate played Iris Murdock alongside the legendary actress. Such was her performance of a young Iris that we couldn’t help but swoon over her amazing talent. There is no doubt thatthis movie still remains one of her best.

  1. Little Children

Another one of the roles that managed to steal the shows away is her role of a mother Sarah who has a passion for life which results in her getting attracted to someone else outside marriage. She captures the role so well that everyone is impressed.

  1. Mildred Pierce

We know, we know, it is not a movie but a web-series. But Kate’s performance in here is so mesmerizing that we couldn’t help it. Mildred Pierce can be considered as one of Kate Winslet’s best work.
We bet o love the movies that we have given you till now. If you are an avid fan of Kate Winslet then you definitely did.