5 Tips On How to Go About Choosing Breast Implants for Yourself

5 Tips On How to Go About Choosing Breast Implants for Yourself

Most women over 30’s have at one point or another considered breast augmentation. This is natural because natural sag increases a tenfold during this period and the desire to retain former breast takes precedence. However if you have decided that Brest implants are the way to go to retain this, you might wonder just how to go about choosing the right one for yourself. Below are a few tips that will aid you in making this important decision.

  1. Type of implant

When visiting surgeons in Sydney, one thing that you will discuss in detail is the type of breast implant that you can invest in. Most common in the market is the saline that is basically salt water combination that is relatively cheap and does the job. However this Brest implant is susceptible to leakages and thus a point to consider. However there is also the option of silicone that mimics the feel of natural breast. This one is more expensive but the positives attributed to it are noteworthy. Needless to say that though it’s more of less leak proof, it does attract maintenance costs that come in form of a check up after 3 years and every year after that.

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  1. Desired goals

Before you even make reservations to surgeons in Sydney, you need to have thought extensively of exactly what you desire. Have photos of what you want and being them to your plastic surgery consultation appointment. Better yet have photos of what you don’t desire to ensure your surgeon steers away from that look. In all, have an accurate idea of what you want to achieve and thus your doctor will be better placed to discuss with you its feasibility. Sometimes breast implants procedure are not necessary especially when one wants to add less than a cup and other procedures like fat grafting are used.

  1. Forget bra size

Ideally you might have the idea of what you have in mind in terms of bra size. Maybe you want to be a size B or D or double D and so forth and there is no wrong in this. However you should forget it as the final word as different company’s has different standardisation of bra size. Simply use it as a guide in your desire for Brest augmentation but ensure you speak in volumes measurement.

  1. Breast profile

When considering the type of breast implants you want its best not to stubbornly stick to what you had in mind. In all plastic surgeons in Sydney are professionals and have an overall knowledge of what the addition will affect your body. Take advantage of this and see what he has to say about it especially in regards with your specific frame in mind. In allowing them to guide you, you will be in a better position to avoid situations that cause excessive stretching and thinning of tissue and skin.

  1. Do your homework

The most important thing to consider before undergoing breast augmentation procedure is that you make sure that breast implants are what you truly want. Experiment with different temporary implants to have a feel of what it we be like. If possible use the rice test method for measurements with the thought that 30ccs equals one ounce. Reduce and add until you settle on size you want.